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TECHNOFILTER at XXVIII International Forum “Beer-2019”, 21-24 of May, 2019, Grand Hotel Zhemchuzhina, Sochi, Russia

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We are pleased to invite you to visit our Booth No. 44 in order to learn more about technologies for filtration of unpasteurized beer.

At our booth we will present:

     - filter cartridges for filtration of beer, kvass, water (trap filtration, fine filtration, sterilizing  filtering, etc.);

     - filter cartridges for filtration of process media (carbon dioxide, air, steam, sugar syrup, etc.);

     - the system of "Careful filtration" and final filtration of beer and kvass, body equipment;

     - compact systems for beverages filtration at home and for "garage" production;

     - carrying out test filtration on a test filtration system.

TECHNOFILTER specialists using innovative technologies, a wide range of products and many years of professional experience are ready to provide comprehensive technical and advisory support to solve specific problems of filtration and separation of liquid and gas media!

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