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Filter membranes



 Technofilter offers a wide range of membrane filters and prefilters based on various polymer materials intended for industrial and laboratory filtration, as well as for microbiological, virological, parasitological, sanitary-epidemiological, physico-chemical analyzes of water, for determining the purity of fuels and oils, to determine suspended particles in water, to determine the color and turbidity of water, various samples for sterility and other laboratory tasks.


Membrane filters are available with different pore sizes and with different disc diameters. In addition, membrane filters can be produced in the form of plates.


 Technofilter has its own production of microfiltration membranes made of polyamide and polyethersulfone, and also produces filters based on membranes of the world's leading manufacturers. SPE "Technofilter" offers membrane filters made of polyamide, polyethersulfone, fluoroplastic-4, fluoroplastic-2, fluoroplastic-42, lavsan, cellulose acetate, regenerated cellulose. Each membrane has its own unique properties. The production of membranes and filter elements is supported by ISO-9000 series quality certificates.


Assortment of membrane disk filters


  • membranes microporous nylon brand HYPERLINK  MMK
  • microporous polyamide membranes with Zeta potential of HYPERLINK brand MMPA +
  • membranes polyether sulfonic grades HYPERLINK MPS
  • membranes, microfiltration fluoroplastic grades HYPERLINK  MFFC
  • Fluoroplastic hydrophilic membranes of HYPERLINK brand  MFFK.G
  • membranes fluoroplastic grades ММФ4 on the basis of PTFE
  • membranes made of polyethylene terephthalate (lavsan) of MMT brand
  • Fluoroplastic hydrophilic membranes (PVDF)
  • cellulose acetate membranes
  • membranes from regenerated cellulose 


Material Pore size 



Nylon ZPolyamide PESPolyester sulfone PVDF+PTFETeflon-42 (MFPK.G-hydrophilic)
PTFEPolytetrafluoroethylene  Polyethylene terephthalate (lavsan)
0.1 μm
ММК-010 ММПА+-010  
0.15 мкм       МФФК-015      
0.2 мкм ММК-020 ММПА+-020 МПС-020

ММФ4-020 ММТ-020
0.25 мкм      



0.4 мкм             ММТ-040
0.45 мкм ММК-045 ММПА+-045 МПС-045



0.6 мкм             ММТ-060
0.65 мкм ММК-065 ММПА+-065 МПС-065



0.8 мкм ММК-080    

1.0 мкм ММК-100           ММТ-100
1.2 мкм ММК-120            
2 мкм ММК-200            
3 мкм ММК-300           ММТ-300
5 мкм         ММФ-500    

Membrane disk filters meet the requirements for materials used to filter medicines, body fluids and food.


Standard filters are made in the form of disks with a diameter of 13 mm, 25 mm, 35 mm, 47 mm, 50 mm, 90 mm, 142 mm, 170 mm, 279 mm, 293 mm. At the request of the customer, the diameter of the flat filters can be any, but not more than 293 mm. Membrane filters can be produced in the form of plates.

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