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Filtration plants

At the request of the customer on the basis of single-cartridge and multi-cartridge filter holders, various modifications are produced, designed for productivity from 0.5 to 15.0 m3 / h or more. NPP "Technofilter" carries out designing, manufacturing and completing the units in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer.


The plants are compact, mobile, easy to operate. They can be mounted permanently in place, on a frame or on a moving trolley. Installations consist of several filtration units, fully equipped (electric pump, filtration unit, shut-off valves, pipelines, etc.) and are ready for operation.


Automatic filtration units are equipped with a control panel with a touch panel operator, frequency converter, electronic pressure sensors, microcontroller. The automation unit ensures the matching of the filtration system with any filling line (with mechanical, electromagnetic or pneumatic valve).




Filtration plants are designed for the filtration of food and non-food liquids, including water and aqueous solutions, galenic infusions, pharmaceuticals, wines, alcoholic beverages, beer and non-alcoholic beverages and other liquids compatible with filter element materials and stainless steel.


Design and operation principle


Filtration units are a prefabricated structure mounted on a single frame and consisting of a filtration unit comprising one to four filter holders, a pump unit, piping piping, stop valves, a flow meter and electrical equipment.


The units are type UPF.R with manual adjustment of the flow rate and the installation type UPF.A with automatic control 


Installations with manual control UPF.R



UPF.A series "Absolute-quality"




For the processing of sorting, vodka, alcohol, water, alcoholic beverages using sorption filter elements available 


Exclusive installations for individual orders are issued with due regard to the specific requirements of the Consumer.




9 cascade installation type USF was commissioned for the production of vodka "Smirnov"?

Set the type of USF was commissioned for the production of vodka "White Birch"


Installation is made in climatic modification UHL (for macro-regions with temperate and cold climates) Accommodation category - 4 in accordance with GOST 15150.


After agreeing the order, the layout of the future installation in 3D format is provided.



Marking of filtration plants UPF.R and UPF.A













Installation of (polishing) filtration

P - manual control

A - automatic control

Number of cascades (filtration stages)

Number and height of filter elements in the filter holder

Productivity in m3 / hour

An example of a designation for a plant with manual control: UPF.R1 (5x750) -3

Example of designation of an installation with automatic control: UPF.A2 (8x750 / 8x750) -6


Marking of filtration units USF







Installation of silver (sorption) filtration

Number of filter blocks

Number and height of filter elements in the filter holder

Productivity in m3 / hour

Example of installation designation: UF.2 (8х750 / 29х1000) -5

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