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Filter holders for cartridge elements

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Filter holders are used to organize the filtration process of liquid and gaseous media and are designed to install filter cartridge elements in them. The choice of brand and modification of the filter holder depends on the volume, the type of medium to be filtered and the process requirements.


Advantages of DS holders from stainless steel


  • Filter holders are compact, can be used separately or mounted in the system.
  • Easily disassembled and cleaned - autoclaved or processed by steam in the line at t from 121 ° C to 145 ° C.
  • The design of the filter holders provides for the possibility of increasing the area of ​​the filter surface by varying the number and height of the filter elements.
  • Can be used in a cascade.
  • The design of the holders provides tightness and easy access for replacing the filter elements and their reliable sealing.
  • Filter holders are certified and approved for use in the medical and food industries.


Filter holder materials


  • Polypropylene (GOST 263950-86).
  • Stainless steel grade 12H18N10T (GOST 5632-72) with polished outer and inner surfaces.
  • Stainless steel AISI 316L.

Hygienic and sanitary-chemical treatment


Stainless steel filter holders can be subjected to any method of hygienic and sanitary-chemical treatment according to OST 42-21-2-85, including autoclaving and steaming. Filter holders made of polypropylene grade DP can withstand sanitary-chemical treatment with hot water up to 80 ° C or treatment with 6% hydrogen peroxide solution.




Filter holders are installed permanently on the floor on legs, on a rigid frame or fixed using a special bracket to the wall. Connection of pipelines to the filter holder is carried out with the help of a rope, muff or flange connection. To replace the filter element, it is necessary to leave a free space under (above) the bottom of the housing with a height not less than the length of the filter element.


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