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Filter cartridges

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Filter cartridges


The standard filtration cartridge of "Technofilter" Ltd. is a cylinder with a diameter of 70 mm with an internal perforated polypropylene casing around which layers of various filter materials are located. The outer perforated housing provides mechanical strength of the cartridge during filtration, washing and sterilization.


The filtration process takes place from the outside to the inside, while the filtrate flows out from the lower part of the inner case (dead-end mode).


The method of heat sealing of standard elements (in polypropylene perforated cases) 250 mm high produces filter elements with a height of 500, 750 and 1000 mm. Sealing of joints is carried out only by heat-sealing without the use of adhesives, excluding extraction of components.


To increase the surface area of the filtering surface, we use the corrugation technology, in which the layers of the filter material are superimposed on one another and are laid with corrugations around the perforated inner case.


For the first time in Russia the technology of corrugation in the manufacture of cartridge filter elements was developed and applied by the company "Technofilter".


Our corrugating technology allows us to achieve an increase in the area of the filtering surface of the filter element up to 1 m2 (for the element with a height of 250 mm) with the maximum access of liquid (or gas) to the entire area of the filter element, ensuring a high resource and dirt capacity of the product.


In addition to corrugated filter elements, we produce coiled and bulk cartridges.



Classification of produced cartridge filters by the mechanism of particle confinement


  •  Membrane (the surface confinement of particles predominates).


Depending on the type of filter holder, the elements are available with different adapters or pass-through adapters (without an adapter). All cartridge adapters that the Technofilter uses are universal and allow the use of filter elements of  "Technofilter" LLC in various housings of domestic and foreign manufacturers. The sealing of the cartridge in the housing is provided by elastic sealing rings made of silicone or other materials compatible with the medium to be filtered.



Mini-cartridges are a reduced version of a standard cartridge with a diameter of 70 mm and a height of 60, 100, 125 and 150 mm. Mini-cartridges are used in the same areas as standard cartridges, when smaller volumes are required to be filtered.

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