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Corrugated Filter Element EPV.S on the basis of microglass fiber for effective protection of membrane filters and clarifying filtration of liquids

Corrugated Filter Element EPV.S on the basis of microglass fiber for effective protection of membrane filters and clarifying filtration of liquids




The basis of the filter element EPV.S is a corrugated filter medium of increased density from microfine glass fibers.


Filter media with high capacity, adsorption capacity, strength, thermochemical resistance provides effective filtration of solutions over a wide pH range, especially difficult-to-filter solutions with residual opalescence, serums, plasma proteins, viscous biological fluids.


The high filtration efficiency of EPVS (practically at the level of the membrane filter) in combination with the increased mud capacity characteristic of deep filters provides economical high-quality filtration in the processes of deep clarification and reduction of microbiological load.









Corrugated filter based on borosilicate fiberglass.

  • High filtration efficiency (> 99%).


  • Produced with a rating of 0.2 and 0.5 microns.


  • Higher flow rates at low hydraulic resistance.

Excellent thermochemical resistance.

  • Withstand multiple washing and sterilization.

High strength, stable matrix of the filter element.

  • The structure of the filter materials excludes the possibility of "dusting" and migration of the medium.


  • Reliable preservation of the integrity of the filter under harsh operating conditions.


  • Longer service life of the element.


Main applications


in medicine and biopharmaceuticals to reduce bacterial load before membrane elements, for fine clarifying filtration of pharmaceutical liquids with a high content of suspended particles, for filtration of high-viscosity liquids, syrups, galenic preparations;

in the food industry for preliminary and final filtration of wines, for clarification of colored liquor products, finishing stages of beer filtration and beer-soft drinks with the purpose of increasing the shelf life, for fine cleaning of technological, drinking, mineral and bottled water, etc .;

in other industries for the retention of suspensions, microparticles and colloids with a size of 0.2-0.5 microns or more.


Filter Cartridge Materials

Filter material

 Microglass fiber

Drainage layer


Housing, end parts, adapter


Standard O-rings

Silicone (others on request)

Geometric characteristics

Cartridge filter elements

Height (L), mm

Diameter (D), mm

Area of ​​filter surface (S), m2

125 (5")



250 (10")



500 (20")



750 (30")



1000 (40")



Capsule filters    

Height (L), mm

Diameter (D), mm

Area of ​​filter surface (S), m2

250 (10")



125 (5")



60 (2,5")



Mikron rating

Pore ​​size, μm Order code
0,2 020
0,5 050
0,8 080
1,0 100


Operating parameters


Maximum differential pressure for cartridges, MPa

0.5 at 20 ° C, 0.2 at 80 ° C

Maximum differential pressure for capsules, MPa

0.4 at 20 ° C, 0.2 at 60 ° C

Maximum reverse differential pressure, MPa

0.2 at 20 ° C, 0.05 at 80 ° C (cartridges)

Maximum operating temperature, ° С

90 ° С (cartridges), 60 ° С (capsules)

Rinsing in a straight stream

Hot water (up to 95 ° C) and chemicals, SIP-washing (cartridges)


134 ° С, 0.2 MPa, 30 minutes, at least 50 cycles (cartridges)

121 ° С, 0.11 MPa, 30 minutes, not less than 25 cycles (capsules)

Steam sterilization (cartridges only)

up to 140 ° С, 30 minutes, not less than 30 cycles (cartridges)

For detailed instructions on cleaning and sterilizing filter cartridges and capsules, please contact the technical specialists of  Technofilter.


Performance characteristics of filter elements EPV.V with a height of 250 mm along the water


Quality and Safety

 Elements cartridge cartridge EPV.S are manufactured in accordance with regulatory and technical documents for product quality and certified for use in filtration processes of biopharmaceutical solutions. All EPVs are washed from organic and mechanical contaminations with highly purified water and subjected to 100% control.

Washing, monitoring, drying, final assembly and packing of filter elements is carried out in special clean zones of class C and D (cleanliness class 6 and 7) according to the classification of clean rooms in the pharmaceutical industry in accordance with EU GGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice Guideline - Good Manufacturing Practice).

The materials used in the design of the filters have been tested for biological safety, have a minimum amount of extracted components and are allowed to contact with intravenous drugs and food products. 

Ordering Information EPVS


050 Д1 500 М
Make Mikron rating Adapter code Nominal length Application

050 = 0,5 μm


020 = 0,2 μm

А (А1), А4, D (D1), В, ВSl

100 = 100 mm

125 = 125 mm
150 = 150 mm
250 = 250mm (10")
500 = 500mm (20")
750 = 750mm (30")

М = medicine and biopharmaceuticals

 P= food industry


Information for ordering 
capsules KFV.S



CFVC 020 К 60
Make Mikron rating Connection type Filter element height

020 =0,2 μm

 050 = 0,5 μm

100/050 = 1,0+0,5 μm

300/080 = 3,0+0,8 μm

300/100 = 3,0+1,0 μm

К-sanitary flanged

 Р-threaded conical

60 mm
125 mm
250 mm


Mikron rating

Pore ​​size, μm

Order code





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