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Filtration capsules

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Capsules are ready-to-use complete integral filters, which are standard cartridges and mini-cartridges sealed in polypropylene holders. The design allows the use of capsules without installing a filter holder. The capsule filter has a high-strength, sealed polypropylene housing and is equipped with various filtration materials (membrane, fiber, mesh, sorption) with a wide range of pore sizes. Most filter elements "Technofilter" can be produced in the form of capsules.

The filter capsule of the standard type is available on a 60 mm, 125 mm and 250 mm filter element with a filter surface area of ​​0.2 to 1 m2 (for corrugated filter cartridges).


Main applications


Capsules are designed for fast and effective filtration of small and medium volumes of liquids and gases. They are particularly effective for critical applications where individual product batches (single use) are required. The possibility of washing and subsequent autoclaving allows the capsular filter to be reused until the entire lifetime of the entire filtration surface is fully developed.

Capsule filters allow small-scale pilot tests to be carried out early in the development of a filtration system to select the optimal combination of filters, especially for the treatment of difficult-to-filter solutions without investing in stainless steel equipment.


Features and benefits of capsule filters


Capsule Properties

Customer Benefits

Compact, complete, airtight.

Simplicity and reliability of use.

There is no need to invest in equipment (filter holder) made of stainless steel.

Cleaned, autoclaved and checked for integrity before shipping.

Ready-to-use filtration systems. Safe to operate.

Indispensable for critical filtration in biopharmaceuticals and medicine.

Do not contain metal parts and gaskets.

Chemical resistance depends only on the material of the filter cartridge.

Ideal for solutions containing enzymes that are sensitive to metals.

Significant increase in the filtration area in comparison with membrane disk filters.

Ability to filter large volumes at high speeds.

One capsule can contain different filter layers (combinations of pore size and materials), providing a high-performance fractionated compartment.

Manufactured under clean room conditions in accordance with GMP requirements.

Non-toxic, safe.

Can be supplied sterile (gamma radiation treatment).

Produced in accordance with QMS (ISO 9001: 2008).

Are entered in the register of products of medical products of Ministry of Health of the Russian Federation.

Mini Capsules


To filter small lots of expensive products and other applications, our company has developed a special design of a mini-filter. Minicapsule - is a non-removable filter 100 mm high and 48 mm in diameter, consisting of a polypropylene outer casing with a membrane or corrugated cartridge element pressed into it with a filter surface area of ​​up to 0.07 m² (700 cm2). Minicapsules MKM.F4, MKMPP based on hydrophobic membranes of PTFE or PP are used for sterilizing air filtration, sterile ventilation of small containers, bioreactors, vessels, for the protection of vacuum pumps, instruments, etc.


Minicapsules based on hydrophilic membranes (MKM.K, MKM.PS, MKM.K +, MKM.FG) are recommended for filtration of small batches of solutions (up to 20 l), where it is necessary to exclude the loss of an expensive product as much as possible. 


Materials of standard capsule filters


Capsule filters based on microfiltration membranes


Make                                                Membrane material                         Pore size, μm                                 Purpose



polyamide (Nylon6 + 66)

0.2, 0.45

for sterilizing filtration of liquids



polyamide (Nylon6 + 66)


for liquids filtration



KFMK + polyamide (Nylon6 + 66) with Z-potential



0.2; 0.45

for liquids filtration




polyamide (Nylon6 + 66) with fiberglass pre-filter


for liquids filtration



polyethersulfone (PES)


for sterilizing filtration of liquids



polyethersulfone (PES)

0.2; 0.45; 0.65

for liquids filtration


CFM.FG fluoroplast (PVDF) is hydrophilic


0.2; 0.45; 0.65; 0.8

for liquids filtration




fluoroplast-4 (PTFE)


for air and gases



fluoroplast-42 (PTFE + PVDF)


for air and gases



polypropylene (PP)


for air and gases



Capsule filters based on corrugated materials


Make                                              Filter material                                  Micron rating, μm                            Description






for liquids filtration




0.2; 0.5

for liquids filtration



fiberglass, cellulose, polypropylene

0.5; 0.8; 1; 3

for liquids filtration



stainless steel mesh


for liquids filtration




Constructive shape and types of capsule filter connections



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