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Serums and vaccines

Serum animals (preparations from animal blood) are a fairly difficult-to-filter product and require several stages of pre-filtration and final sterilizing filtration. Serums can vary significantly depending on the type and age of the animal. Especially difficult to filter are considered non-sluggish serums (horses, pigs), which are characterized by a high concentration of colloids and require additional filtration stages and an increase in the filtration area.


Process Requirements


Prefilters should effectively remove particles and colloidal contaminants without sorbing the whey proteins.


Prefilters should provide a high flow rate and a stable high working life, i.e. be cost effective.


Finishing sterilizing filters should effectively remove microorganisms and mycoplasma at constantly high flow rates and service life.


Purposes of filtration




remove lipids, colloids, particles from whey to extend the life of the final filters


Sterilizing filtration


remove bacteria and mycoplasma to ensure stability during prolonged storage


Recommendations for filters Technofilter


Depending on the nature and volume of the serum flow, we recommend that for the qualitative prefiltration that meets the requirements of the process, use the  EPVg.P, EPVS, EPVS. Often, several prefiltration steps are required. The filter elements of these series are capable of providing high flow rates, excellent mechanical and thermal resistance, low resistance, high efficiency of microparticle retention, do not emit fibers into the filtrate, manufactured according to ISO 9001: 2000.


For the final filtration, we recommend membrane filters of EPDM based on a high-performance asymmetric polyethersulfone membrane with a pore size of 0.45 and 0.2 microns. These membranes possess low sorption of proteins, are capable of providing high flow rates and a resource.


For sterilizing air filtration ("breathing" filters) we recommend membrane filter elements from polytetrafluoroethylene brand  EPM.F4.


For the organization of the filtration process, we offer enclosure equipment - medical  filter holders of the DS series from high-quality stainless steel AISI 316L or AISI 304 for different number and height of filter elements and filtration units on their basis.


For the final choice of the scheme for the filtration process of serums, please contact specialists of  Technofilter.

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