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Cognac, brandy, cognac drinks

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Main technological tasks


Polishing filtration before bottling


Stabilization of the beverage (removal of excess amounts of metals Ca, K, Fe, Cu, etc.) by means of cation exchange filters


Improving the taste of the beverage


For polishing the filtration of cognac beverages, we propose to use a two-stage filtration scheme before bottling on the basis of cartridge filter elements.

The combination of "prefilter - finish filter" increases the reliability of the process, ensures maximum performance, high resource and economy of the entire system.

"Technofilter" offers several variants of combinations of microfilters from high-tech materials for cognacs of various classes.



The filter materials used help preserve all the organoleptic properties of the beverage.





Positioning *

Ideal for economical filtration of cognac beverages

Elite cognac drinks



EPVS (SC) -300/100

Final filter




The choice of the system should be carried out depending on the positioning of the drink





based on high-performance corrugated depth filters made of polypropylene  EPVg.P and microglass EPVS differs in low cost, increased resource without regeneration, high degree of retention of microparticles 0,9 microns and more. Filter elements are characterized by excellent wettability, inertness to alcohol-containing liquids, operate at a low differential pressure, provide good transparency and shine.



- on the basis of a highly efficient fiberglass corrugated deep prefilterEPVC) and a high-performance polyether sulfone membrane  with a 0.45 (0.65) μm (99.9%) retention efficiency of microparticles. The surface mechanism of particle confinement, inherent in membrane filtering elements, completely excludes the breakthrough of delayed particles in the filtrate (medium migration). Highly selective membrane filters give cognac drinks a special shine and nobility of color, contribute to the disclosure of the exquisite bouquet and the appearance of additional tones, significantly increase the spill resistance.


Brief specification of filter elements of Technofilter, used in the preliminary and final stages of filtration of cognac beverages



Filter material

Retention efficiency, μm


brief description



100% chemically resistant polypropylene (pH 1-14)

0,5 - 20 мкм

Corrugated, deep, hydrophilic

Stable rigid matrix, high retention efficiency, repeatedly regenerated, operating temperature up to 90 ° С. Used for preliminary and final filtration.



microglass fiber

0.5 μm

Corrugated, deep

Stable rigid matrix, high porosity, absolute retention capacity, undergo repeated regeneration, working temperature up to 90 ° С, increased mud storage capacity and resource. Used as a final filter



Combination of microfibers of glass, cellulose and polypropylene

1.0; 0.8 μm

Corrugated, deep, hydrophilic

Stable matrix, high porosity, increased adsorption capacity with respect to microparticles, exceptional hydrophilicity of the fibers allows filtration even by gravity, operating temperature up to 80 ° C, maximum flow capacity at low pressure drop provides low filtration costs. For highly efficient prefiltration of cognacs.




0,2; 0,45; 0,65

Corrugated, membrane, hydrophilic

Wide chemical compatibility (pH 1-14), long service life due to high porosity, asymmetric membrane structure and an increase in surface area up to 0.76 m2 / 250mm, withstands repeated regenerations, provide excellent stable product quality. Used only as a finishing filter in combination with an effective dirt-tight prefilter.




0,2; 0,45; 0,65; 0,8; 1,0

Corrugated, hydrophilic, membrane

Wide chemical compatibility, natural hydrophilicity, high flow rates due to an increase in surface area up to 0.85m2 / 250mm. Provides excellent stable product quality. Used as a final filter in combination with an effective dirt-tight prefilter.


Stabilization of cognac drinks


To stabilize cognac drinks by removing excessive amounts of metals (CA, K, Fe, Cu, etc.), which lead to the formation of opacities and reduce the level of spillage, cartridge-based sorption-filtering elements of EPSP.T have been developed on the basis of cation-exchange resins.



At the heart of the filter element is a special cation-exchange resin. The material is characterized by high capacity, increased radiation, thermal and chemical resistance. Sorbent is insoluble in water and solutions of hydrochloric and nitric acids, it can be used in aqueous-organic media, including alcohols and ethers, and also in the presence of strong oxidants and reducing agents.


The EFSP.T filter element is a "minicolumn" with backfilling of the cation exchange resin between the inner and outer polypropylene casings and the longitudinal movement of the liquid. Elements are sealed at the ends of polypropylene melt, produced in height 250, 500, 750, 1000 mm, adapted to any type of filter holder. The recommended filtration rate is 20-40 l / h per element of 250 mm height, the service life of envy from the initial metal concentration and pH of the medium.


All filter elements of  "Technofilter" LLC are produced in accordance with the certified quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001: 2000.


For the stabilization of cognacs and cognac drinks, there are produced installations of the type USF with a set of cation-exchange columns - filtering elements of EPSP.T.


Installing USF.1 with a set of filter elements-cation-exchange columns of EPSP.T



Filter holders for liquid media

NPP "Technofilter" represents a series of filter holders made of stainless steel 12Х18Н10Т.

Distinctive features

High quality of finishing of external and internal surfaces.

Availability of internal cavities for inspection and washing.

The absence of hidden and hard-to-reach cavities due to an additional lightweight separator.

Absence of stagnant zones.

Full depletion of liquid through drain valves.

Increased accuracy and cleanliness of the mounting holes for the adapters and surfaces under the sealing elements ensures a high leakage of interfaces between media (source medium / filtrate / external medium).

Simplified installation at the place of use due to the hinged connection of the nozzles to the base. It is equipped with pressure gauges for monitoring hydraulic resistance.

Filtration plants

At the request of the customer on the basis of multi-cartridge filter holders, the units with manual and automatic control of the  UPF.R and UPF.A, designed for various capacities (from 0, 5 to 16.0 m3 / h and more). NPP "Technofilter" carries out designing, manufacturing and completing the units in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer.

The plants are compact, mobile, easy to operate. They can be mounted permanently in place, on a frame or on a moving trolley. The units consist of several filtration units, fully equipped (pump unit, measuring and shut-off valves, pipelines, etc.) and are ready for operation.

Absolute-quality series with automatic control

 of the final filtration before bottling (UPF.A) with automatic control of the Absolute-quality series is especially popular in distilleries and wineries. The basis of the standard installation is a 2-stage cascade filtering scheme.

The plants can be additionally equipped with a filter unit for preparation of service media and a device for checking the integrity of membrane filter elements. Installations are distinguished by a complete set (a set of options) and the degree of automation - it all depends on the individual requirements of the Consumer.


Stably high quality of the drink.

Soft start, maintaining the set pressure at the input and output of the system.

Absence of water hammering.

The optimal set of options, compactness.

Full service life of filter elements.

Touchpad - control of all filtering parameters in real time.

Washing of filter elements with highly purified water or regeneration with detergent solutions directly in the plant without using an additional pump.

Removal of product residues by sterile compressed air.

Reliable accessories.

The "Absolute-quality" installation allows to make the filtration process as transparent, reliable and economically profitable for the enterprise. The consumer can fully control the filtration process and be sure of the quality of the final product.

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