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Wine, wine filtration

Filtration of wine is a multi-stage production process, in which mechanical suspensions, turbidity, yeast precipitate, pasting agents, tartar, microorganisms and other substances affecting the durability and organoleptic characteristics of the finished product are separated from the wine material.


Depending on the technological scheme, type of wine, the method of microbiological stabilization, productivity (capacity of the enterprise), different types of filtration are used at certain stages of wine production.


Technofilter manufactures equipment and cartridges that are used in all the main stages of preparation of wine material, as well as for filtration of technological media (water, air, gases, steam).


Membrane filtration is widely used at secondary winemaking enterprises.


The main applications of cartridge filtration in wine making


Filtering filtration (separation of microorganisms from pre-filtered wine) under conditions of cold-cold filling.


Removal of residual opalescence under conditions of "hot" filling.


Fine (sterilizing) filtration of washing water and detergent solutions.


Sterilizing filtration of air, carbon dioxide, filters of "breathing of capacities".


Prerequisites for perfect finish membrane filtration


Careful preliminary preparation of wine material.


Pre-filtration of wine through a filter press with high-quality cardboard.


Availability of sterile service environments.


Prepared storage tanks equipped with filters for sterile breathing.


Thorough sterilization of equipment and all materials in contact with wine.


High level of sanitary-hygienic state of production.


Membrane filtration is the most common method for achieving microbiological stabilization of beverages without using chemicals or heating. As an alternative to pasteurization, cold stabilization preserves the aroma, flavor and fine structure of the wine.


Membrane filters such as EPM provide absolute retention of microorganisms that cause damage to the wine. Filters of fine purification of the EPO type, which have a high mud capacity and resource, provide excellent protection of the membrane element and increase its working life.


Cartridge membrane filter for sterile filtration of the new generation of EPM.P.


We represent the new generation cartridge filter based on polyether sulfone membrane EPM.P.S., specially created for the provision of wine and beer with the possibility of multiple washing, regeneration and sterilization.




The filter is based on a reliable pleated polyester sulfone membrane with excellent performance characteristics

Wide chemical compatibility (pH 1-14).

Excellent thermal resistance (up to 100 ° C on water).

Low ability to bind proteins and proteins.

Longer service life due to an increase in surface area up to 0.76 m / 250 mm.

High efficiency of retention of bacteria and microorganisms (99.98%)

Available with pore sizes of 0.65, 0.45 and 0.2 microns. Guaranteed removal of yeast cells, molds and pathogenic bacteria before bottling.

A pronounced asymmetric pore structure and an increased total porosity of the membrane

High filtering speed and small differential pressure reduce financial costs.

Reinforced construction, longer service life

Reliable preservation of the integrity of the filter under harsh operating conditions.

The possibility of multiple sterilization ensures economical operation.

100% control for quality assurance, integrity testing

Microbiological reliability-the breakthrough of delayed particles and microorganisms is excluded.

Guarantee the integrity and effective operation of the product. Can be checked by a special integrity test during operation

Non-toxic, pyrogen-free

Passed extensive tests and certified for use in the food industry, manufactured in accordance with a certified quality management system ISO 9001: 2008


Operational characteristics

The maximum operating temperature is 90 ° C at 0.20 MPa

The maximum pressure drop is 0.5 MPa at 20 ° C, 0.20 MPa at 80 ° C

Rinsing with hot water (at least 50 cycles) - 90 ° C, 30 min

Steam sterilization (not less than 20 cycles) - 121 ° С, 30 min


Effective prefiltration

Most filling lines use a two-stage wine filtration scheme.

The combination of "prefilter - final filter" increases the reliability of the process, ensures maximum efficiency and economy of the filtration system.

For high-quality prefiltration, our company recommends deep corrugated multiply regenerated filter cartridges of EPVS, EPVSc and EPVg.P.


Recommended options for pre-filtration before membrane filter elements

Final membrane filter



Normal protection

EPVg.P-100 or EPV.STS-300/100


Intensive protection (for cold filling)

EPV-C-050 or EPVg.P-065

EPVS-300/080 or EPVg.P-100


Brief specification of deep filter elements used in the preliminary and final stages of wine filtration



Filter material

Retention efficiency, μm

Type of packing of filtering material, properties

 brief description



microglass fiber


corrugated hydrophilic

Stable rigid matrix, chemically stable in acidic, alkaline and alcoholic media, absolute retention capacity, repeatedly regenerated, increased mud capacity and resource. Operating temperature up to 90 ° С. Can be used as a finishing filter for hot filling.



fiberglass / cellulose / polypropylene

0,8; 1,0

corrugated hydrophilic

Stable matrix, high retention capacity, increased mud capacity and resource.



100% chemically resistant polypropylene

0,5; 0,65; 0,8; 1,0; 1,5; 2,0; 5,0; 10,0; 20,0

corrugated hydrophilic

Stable rigid matrix, high particle retention efficiency, repeatedly regenerated, operating temperature up to 90 ° С. Can be used as an effective pre-filter and as a finishing filter for hot filling and pasteurization.



Filter holders for liquid media


 "Technofilter" represents a series of filter holders made of stainless steel 12H18N10T of the DS-5 and DS-8


Distinctive features


High quality of finishing of external and internal surfaces.


Availability of internal cavities for inspection and washing.


The absence of hidden and hard-to-reach cavities due to an additional lightweight separator.


Absence of stagnant zones.


Full depletion of liquid through drain valves.


Increased accuracy and cleanliness of the mounting holes for the adapters and surfaces under the sealing elements ensures a high leakage of interfaces between media (source medium / filtrate / external medium).


Simplified installation at the place of use due to the hinged connection of the nozzles to the base. It is equipped with pressure gauges for monitoring hydraulic resistance.

Filtration plants


At the request of the customer,  installations with manual and automatic control of type UPF.R and UPF.A are designed on the basis of multipass filter holders. They are designed for various capacities (from 0.5 to 12,0 m3 / h and more).  "Technofilter" carries out designing, manufacturing and completing the units in accordance with the individual requirements of the customer.


The plants are compact, mobile, easy to operate. They can be mounted permanently in place, on a frame or on a moving trolley. The units consist of several filtration units, fully equipped (pump unit, measuring and shut-off valves, pipelines, etc.) and are ready for operation.


Automatic device TECHNOCHECK ™ mini for rapid tests of the integrity of membrane filter elements and systems used in the production of beverages.


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