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Filtration of vodka, alcoholic beverages, spirits

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Filtration of vodka, alcoholic beverages, spirits


Making good vodka is a multifaceted and complex process, where every detail becomes important, because for connoisseurs of vodka quality always comes first. The most important thing in the production of vodka is alcohol, water, literate, professional filtration and, of course, the soul of technologists.


Visit our  microsite, dedicated to the technologies of filtration of vodka and alcoholic beverages:




Products and technologies of Technofilter in the alcoholic beverage industry


Coal processing: regulated technology Silver filtration®


  Platinum Filtering"


   Polishing filtration before bottling


Lightening of alcoholic beverages


 Stabilization of color LVI by means of membrane filtration


   Filtration of ingredients honey, fruit drinks,

 Purification of alcohol from mechanical impurities during acceptance


   Improving the organoleptic properties of alcohol


  Improving the organoleptic water for vodka sortings


Re-filtration of technological marriages


Filtration of the blend


Improving the organoleptic vodka with the help of natural modifiers of taste and aroma.


Preparation of service environments


water for rinsing bottles


Water for washing filter elements and disinfecting equipment


alkali filtration


air, tanks breathing filters


 Service support of OOO NPP "Technofilter"


  • departure of specialists for conducting experimental filtration works
  • examination of production
  • conducting joint tastings after filtration works to improve the organoleptics of the drink in order to select the most optimal filtration rates
  • commissioning
  • consulting and technical support 
  • training



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